Century Old Survival Hacks

In the old days, life was harder since people had to do a lot more to survive. Today, our lives are relatively easy but for most people, a lot of the useful knowledge from back then has been lost. Fortunately, some of these old-school survival hacks are still here.

# 1 The Easy Way To Cut Down A Tree

After choosing which tree you want to chop down, start chopping like the usual way, but stop halfway through. Then, begin chopping on the other side a few inches higher. Finally, pull the tree down with a rope.

# 2 Extracting a Splinter Painlessly and Fast

Pulling out a splinter can be painful and even make it worse if you do it in the usual way. Instead, look for a bottle and fill it with hot water almost to the top. Then, press it firmly against the splintered area. The steam will loosen up the splinter, and the suction will pull it out.

# 3 Surviving a Thunderstorm Without Shelter

Most people will seek shelter under a tree when faced with a thunderstorm. However, it can only increase the level of danger. The best option is to lay low in a ditch underneath some low growing bushes.

# 4 Stopping Your Glasses From Getting Foggy

The easy way to prevent your glasses from getting foggy is to rub your glasses with soap and then polish them afterward. The tactic works because even after polishing the soap off, a thin film will remain, which prevents condensation from forming on the glass.

# 5 Creating a Water Filter With A Simple Bucket

Find a zinc bucket and cut a hole through the bottom. Then fit a small pipe through the hole. Finally, add the following materials in order: large stones, small stones, coarse sand, and fine sand. You’ll find out that the water flowing through to the bottom is clear.

# 6 Cleaning the Inside of a Glass Bottle

It is usually difficult to clean the inside of a bottle with a narrow mouth. However, you can make it easy by adding some sand and water to the inside of the bottle. Then shake the bottle, wash it out afterward, and let it dry.

# 7 Make a Water Fountain For Your Chickens

You may not need to get your chickens fresh water every day as you can provide them a continuous supply of clean water very efficiently. Find a bottle and fill it with water. Then secure it against a plank, tip it upside down and place the bottle’s mouth in a bowl filled with water. When the water gets low, the bottle will release water until the mouth is covered again.

# 8 Water Your Plants Automatically

Look for a bucket and fill it with water. Then place it over your plants and put some strands of wool in it. Finally, place one end of the wool at the base of each plant. The wool will automatically transfer water from the bucket to the soil without you having to do anything. This cool hack will free up a lot of your time.

  1. Preserving Eggs Without the Help Of A Refrigerator

You’ll need freshly laid eggs for this hack or only applicable if you raise your chickens. Bury the eggs in a box of dry salt and put them in a cool place. For this to work, the eggs can’t be exposed to air.

  1. Defending Against A Dog Attack

Dogs method of attack is very predictable. They will always try to get rid of your way of defense before biting. If you hold a piece of clothing out on a long stick, the dog will attack that first. You may want to give the dog a powerful kick while it is distracted.



Creating Mayhem – Vehicular Terror Blueprint

The smartphone can make people oblivious to their surroundings. In the past, smartphone distractions might get you a bump on the head by walking into a lamp post. In these days, however, it could cost you your life.

Deranged, disgruntled, and politically motivated incidents have taken place all over the world, and one of them was the NYC vehicular attack that cost eight lives and injured a number of others. On the positive note, being situationally aware could prevent you from becoming a victim of a future vehicular terror.

Vehicular terrorism is not new as many of such attacks occurred in Israel in past years. However, it is also becoming more common in the West with attacks in NYC, London, Nice, France, Berlin, and elsewhere. A Somali student ran over several people using his car at Ohio State University and then perpetrated a knife attack on those people who ran over to see if he was injured. Many similar events have taken place but rarely make the news, including the 2017 Sandy attack, car-ramming and shooting in Sandy, Utah; July 2017 Helsinki attack, Finland, ramming people; and 2017 Charlottesville attack, during the Unite the Right rally in Virginia, United States, ramming people.

Terror attacks are usually associated with bombs, but making it requires some expertise to assemble safely. Guns are one of the most popular weapons used in terrorism, but they are difficult to obtain and carry other than the U.S. However, it is easy to own and rent a vehicle. If wielded as a weapon, cars and trucks can cause mass casualties.

The English-language ISIS magazine Rumiyah published an article titled Just Terror Tactics. It describes which vehicles will cause the most deaths when used for attacks on Western crowds. The article suggests picking the location and timing carefully, such as going to the most crowded areas and narrower spots to give less chance for the people to run away. It further said that it is ideal to avoid places where other vehicles may intercept.

The writer suggests to pick up as much speed to create maximum carnage while retaining proper control of the vehicle to maximize inertia and be able to strike as many people as possible in the first run.

The article further urges the attackers to weld steel blades onto the front of an SUV as high as the headlights, which would make the blades strike the targets at the torso level or higher.

With these vehicular terror tactics, it is vital to have a constant state of Yellow Alert when in public spaces. You need to be calm but vigilant of what is happening around you. Nefarious intentions usually involve anomalies in behavior, so be aware of them. For example, hopping up and down and screaming are normal when you are at a rock concert, but they aren’t when you are at Starbucks.

When a vehicle leaves the typical pattern or moves erratically, it is an anomaly that needs quick action. To give yourself the best chance of escaping, you need to note the escape whenever you are in public. If you are in a mall or theatre, know the location of exits.

To give yourself a higher chance to survive from vehicular terrorism, consider walking on the fringe of a crowd away from the road. By doing it, you will have the most options. You need to understand that vehicular terrorists like to target groups of people near the street. Those pedestrians nearest the curb will suffer the most injuries.